Brow Sculptor No. 6

Brow Sculptor No. 6

Brow Sculptor No. 6
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  • A dual-sided brow brush with high-quality synthetic bristles on one end, and a spoolie brush for grooming and blending on the other.

  • Anyone wanting perfectly shaped and groomed brows.

  • The Double-Ended Brow Brush is the essential tool for precision application of brow products. Its angled brush end distributes brow powders and creams, while the spoolie end grooms brow hairs into place while distributing your brow product, leaving a natural hair-like effect.

  • Starting at the root of the brow, use small upward strokes to mimic hair growth. Do this until you reach the arch of the brow. Use short strokes sideways toward the temple. Finish by stroking the spoolie end through the brow in an upward motion the way your brow hair grows.

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