Essential Brush Collection

Essential Brush Collection

Essential Brush Collection
Essential Brush Collection
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  • Our new and exclusive Essential Brush Collection features our favorite 6 brushes and brush bag at an unbelievable value! ($187 value). Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free! 

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  • Professional results with perfect application every time.

  • Brush Bag - The perfect accessory for all of your must-have tools. This extremely convenient and beautiful bag is great for storing your favorite brushes with the added benefit of being able to stand it up!

    Precision Foundation No. 4 -

    Dual-Ended Concealer No. 2 - This brush has a smaller, dense end for precise application and the larger, fluffy end for gentle blending - giving you an airbrushed look with a flawless finish!

    Contour No. 8 - This innovative professionally angled brush features densely-packed cruelty-free synthetic fibers that let you effortlessly achieve optimal color payoff. The unique shape and design allow you to sculpt and powder with ease by optimizing every stroke. Perfect for contouring, sculpting and powder applications.

    Shade + Blend No. 10 - This double-ended brush makes applying eye shadow easy! It's equipped with both a crease blending brush and an all-over-the-lid brush. The synthetic bristles are perfectly distributed to blend flawlessly.

    Dual-Ended Brow No. 6 - A dual-sided brow brush featuring high-quality synthetic bristles on one end and a spooley brush for grooming and blending on the other.

    Line + Smudge No. 5 - A versatile, dual-ended brush for eyeliners and smudging your shadows. This brush is the ideal partner to all eye shadows.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Love this Brush kit

Could Doris please bring this set and the train case to TSC for her Canadian Dolls? I just know it would sell very well. I would buy it!😃

Amazing brushes and bag

Not only is the design of the bag too cool and holds the brushes, but the brushes are wonderful! I won these items on one of the giveaways. Still enjoying them and they are like new!

Great Brushes!!!

I love all the brushes in this set, the foundation brush is perfect as well as the concealer brush. Thanks Doll 10 for the amazing set!!

Wonderful Brushes!

I love all Doll10, and this brush set is no exception. It works wonderfully with all my Doll10 products, but also with my other products. Great buy!

Better than I ever expected

This was such a great deal. But to be honest I just really wanted that bag! The brushes are unreal! Theyre so luxe! Expect to pay $40+ for brushes of this quality in another store. And that bag! Its such high quality! It looks and feels like real leather and you can just tell by looking and touching it once, that this bag will last for years!