Back to Basics 6-Piece Collection

Back to Basics 6-Piece Collection

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Introducing our Back to Basics Collection for a limited time only and exclusive to! We are taking you Back to Basics with everything you need for the ultimate look. This is one of our best deals yet with a retail value of $169.95!


  • NEW Doll 10 Patent Wash Bag
  • HydraGel Foundation 1 fl oz. - Provides weightless, full-coverage foundation that instantly smoothes visual imperfections. High-density pure pigments are suspended in an exclusive gel formula, while soft-focus microspheres help transform your complexion and create a more radiant-looking finish
  • Foundation Brush No. 3 
  • Effortlash Mascara 0.40 fl oz. - Full, flirtatious lashes are finally yours. The next-generation Effortlash Mascara combines a unique gel formula and an innovative brush to deliver lashes that appear thicker, longer, and voluminous. 
  • Arch Master in Universal - Be the master of your arches with this revolutionary 3-in-1 brow sculptor. Arch Master is a total brow wardrobe in one easy to use pen. A soft, custom designed angled skinny brow pencil is perfect for creating natural-looking, hairlike strokes to define and outline the shape of your brows, the creamy brow powder is soft and subtle – perfect for filling in sparse areas and creating fuller-looking brows and a tinted brow mascara will volumize your natural brow hairs, color any grays, and hold hairs into place, perfecting your look! 
  • Nude Lip Wardrobe - Femme Fatale/Famous  0.13 oz. Lipstick/0.18 fl. oz. A luxurious lipstick and an ultra-hydrating, color-coordinated lip gloss. Visually lips look fuller and gives you the ultimate pout. This beautiful duo is sure to give you the look you've been waiting for.
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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this collection. This is my first ever purchase from Doll 10 and I am completely sold. I bought this as It was the complete collection to what I needed for my medical aesthetician program to keep inside my locker for emergencies and I can now say this is part of my now everyday look. The foundation is by far my favourite! So moisturizing and completes my complexion! I do have a lot of red areas alongside my cheeks and chin but with this foundation even with it just being a lighter coverage, I can give my word that this foundation can be part of my heavy coverage collection from how amazing it hides my red spots. The lipstick and gloss is an amazing combo, absolutely love them. I love the fact that it give that sweetheart look but with a long lasting appeal. The eyebrow pencil is spectacular with the two ends, I love the shape of the pigment itself! I am having a lot more of an easier time achieving the natural brow look with how this brow product works. I can do both a dramatic brow or natural which is amazing for one product to be so versatile so easily. Last but not least the mascara! The brush was genius as well as the formula. It looks as if it’s creamy at first which had me worried a bit but after applying, I was quickly amazed. My lashes have never looked so good! So much volume but natural looking! I have never had a mascara that didn’t clump my lashes!

Highly recommend this brand!!

Great ***Collection

Love the color on my skin, perfect eyebrow sculptor, (never used one before) now I'm addicted to the eyebrow, look perfect on me. Bruch is soft nice, excellent combination. Lipstick is amazing color and smell like a fruit, love it. Recommended 100% DOLL 10


I just purchased this collection and I am extremely happy just like all the reviews I read before I purchased. Every piece in his bag is absolutely amazing. I love the eyebrow pencil, it is by far the best 3 in 1 I have ever used! The foundation feels great on my face and the creamy blend goes on so smoothly! I am shocked on the lipstick and gloss, the color is beautiful and so soft on my lips! The mascara is awesome too and I am sooo picky on my mascara and I always go back to the same one for all these years, but this mascara is great. Foundation brush is the best too! Great bag! Just amazing!! So happy 😁


I absolutely love the mascara, it makes your eyelashes look long and you can't tell you have it on. I recommend buying it . You will love all the makeup in this 6 piece kit

Awesome collection!!

This set is fantastic!! First of all the make up bag is high quality, not a cheap freebie! Each product is amazing & I will repurchase when out! The brush has become my favorite for applying foundation! I’ve bought more Doll 10 brushes since & love them. One last comment, I’m thrilled that Doll 10 is cruelty free!! I’m also an animal lover so this is extremely important to me!!