Doll 10 Self-Care Merch Box

Doll 10 Self-Care Merch Box

Doll 10 Self-Care Merch Box
The Ultimate Doll 10 Self-Care Merch Box is Here! Everything you need for some "me-time". $77 Retail Value *Coupon cannot be used on this collection.
Kit Includes:
16 oz. Mug: Start your morning with us, Dolls! Sip your coffee or tea from this motivational and fun Doll 10 mug. 
Rose Quartz Facial Roller: Crystal facial rolling is an ancient practice that uses natural stone and facial rolling techniques to help improve the overall look and feel of skin.
Promotes skin suppleness, Soothes and calms, and Eases tension in facial muscle
Tip: Place in refrigerator for a cooling effect!
Headband: No one wants traces of a skincare or makeup in their freshly styled hair. Cute and dependable, the Spa Wrap Headband will keep your locks out of the way as you wash your face, apply products or your Doll 10 makeup. Treat yourself to clean hair AND a pampered face, no compromise. 
*Adjustable length fits all with Velcro.
Weighted Eye Mask: Filled with fragrance-free lentils. Includes care & use instructions tag unless you specify otherwise when ordering. 

How to Use: 

For Heat Therapy Fold the compress in half and place in the microwave. Heat in 30-second increments until the desired warmth is achieved (no longer than 1.5 minutes). Always test the temperature of your mask before applying it to your skin. 

For Cold Therapy Store in the freezer until ready to use.