Hi! My name is Chrystal!

I am Mom to a beautiful and sassy 8 year old girl, as well as a fur mom to Momma Bear, 

a spunky Golden Retriever mix and now we’ve add a 1 yr old German Shepard to our family. 

Her name is Sadie, she was supposed to become a Medical Service dog but ended up have congenital medical issues of her own and 

was unable to fulfill that role. She now lives a spoiled life in our home! ❤️I was very blessed to be able to spend 7 years at home 

during my husbands military career, but now we are in a new chapter in our lives.We moved to Florida and I worked almost a year 

for a Medical Service dog organization ( where I ended up adopting our Sadie girl from) but now I’m working as a Veterinary Technician and I love it! 

 I am a working mom just trying to find the balance between, family, work and self care.

Follow me on Instagram @chrystal_mayo or @chrystals_reviews & check out my favorite products <3

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