Hi, Dolls! It’s Leigh! As a woman and a new mom, I know that beauty starts with wellness. I wholeheartedly believe that taking care of my body, being mindful of ingredients, and consistent self-care are the foundations to feel....and therefore looking like the best version of ME! 
I’m so excited to share my journey into spinning and what’s it’s done for my sense of wellness.
So a little pretense...
This past year I had my son and my whole life changed. All for the better of course, but it’s still a major life change and adjustment.
(I also feel compelled to point out that I really didn’t consistently exercise before I got pregnant. I did Pilates here and there, but I hadn’t found something that I could really stick to.)
When my son was 6 months old, I realized that I was suffering from postpartum anxiety. It took its toll on my sleep, my mood and I wasn’t recognizing myself in the mirror.
With the nudging of my doctor, I signed up for the gym and found myself in a spin class. Little did I know it would be one of the most pivotal ways in treating the anxiety and transforming what healthy meant to me!
It was SO HARD to get through the first class, but the endorphin high afterward was worth every minute.
I absolutely became instantly addicted to the camaraderie of the class, the positivity of the instructor and the feeling of doing something great for my body!
Since I’ve started regularly attending classes; my anxiety is managed,  I swear I have so much more energy, my skin looks better from getting a few good sweat sessions in and I feel more confident. It’s amazing what happens when you really start taking care of your body. 
I can’t recommend trying a spin class highly enough. It’s a great way to manage anxiety and be kind to your body in the process. It’s easy on your joints, gets your heart rate up and torches calories as an added bonus. I can’t wait to hear from you on your experience if you do decide to give it a try! 
April 09, 2019 — Monique Miller